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Powered parachute flights, sales, & training
Below are descriptions and prices for the various flight training services available to you from New England Chute Flyers.  Gift Certificates are available for all services shown.

Discovery Flight

Sit back and enjoy the ride of your life! Guided by an experienced Certified Flight Instructor, you will be able to take in the awe and beauty of flying "low and slow" in an open cockpit aircraft.

Cost: $100/20 minutes, $185/40 minutes, $250/60 minutes
Discovery Training Flight

Not only will you get to sit back and enjoy the ride, but you will also get to experience hands (and feet)-on control of aircraft. Our trainer plane is equipped with full dual controls - it can be controlled equally as well from the front and back seats. This flight experience starts with you assisting the instructor with chute layout and line separation, and the instructor then getting the aircraft safely airborne. After some demonstration of the aircraft controls by the instructor, you will be allowed to take control of the aircraft and really see what it is like to steer it and control its altitude. This is an excellent choice for those considering moving on to instruction beyond just the basic Discovery flight.

Cost: $185/40 minutes, $250/60 minutes
Flight Training

This is the hourly training rate that includes the aircraft, fuel, and Certified Flight Instructor for Powered Parachutes. This is loggable training time that can be applied towards your Sport Pilot or Private Pilot license for powered parachutes. Includes pre- and post-flight briefings. This is also a great way to learn about the sport as a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the sky.

Cost: $250/hour
Ground Training

This is the hourly ground training rate by a Certified Flight Instructor for non-flying and other non-engine use activities.

Cost: $100/hour
Flight Review

Every two years, pilots need to have a flight review in order to stay current with their license. This is an opportunity to spend time with an instructor learning about changes in the rules and brushing up on basic flight skills. The FAA minimum requirement is 1 hour of ground training and 1 hour of flight training.

Cost: $175
Pilot Proficiency Test

These are for private pilots that want to pick up the additional privilege of powered parachute sport pilot or certified flight instructor sport pilot. Administered by a Powered Parachute FAA Certified Flight Instructor (requires appropriate training and recommendation from another Powered Parachute CFI prior to testing).

Cost: $350
Options and Accessories

Comtronics Aero Pro Communication System

A complete communication and instruction system with two Comtronics 2000 helmets and an intercom. Choice of helmet colors and sizes.

Cost: $740

Comtronics Passenger Volume Control
Add a separate volume control for your rear seat passenger. This device extends a convenient way for your passenger to adjust their own helmet volume, without need for input from the pilot.

Cost:  $119

Icom A6 Air Band Radio
The default standard for air-to-air and ground-to-air communications, this radio has a well labeled, large keypad for user friendly operation. The large display shows both letters and numbers and is easy to see, making for fast frequency recognition. The display is backlit, and so is the keypad.

Cost:  $299