New England Chute Flyers
Powered parachute flights, sales, & training
Discovery Flights
The best way to get introduced to the sport of powered parachuting is to go for a Discovery Flight, or the more advanced Discovery Training Flight. These flights will help you to determine if the sport is what you want to do. 

During the Discovery Flight there is no pressure to fly the machine and you can have confidence in the skill of a certified and skilled instructor. The Discovery Training Flight expands your flight time, and gives you time at the controls to have a true hands (and feet)-on experience operating the aircraft, all under the supervision and guidance of your flight instructor. On either flight, after a thorough pre-flight check of the aircraft, you sit behind the pilot and buckle into a harness. Once the take-off area is cleared, the instructor will add throttle to the engine which will start the aircraft on a forward roll. With increasing speed, the parachute inflates overhead, and gently lifts the aircraft into the sky. 

  • Unobstructed view from above of terrain and wildlife
  • Nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the view and take some pictures
  • Your pilot is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor for powered parachutes with many years of aviation experience

What's Included
Equipment including aircraft, fuel, radio, helmets; FAA certified flight instructor

Year-round, weather permitting. (Note: the best flying is in the early morning or late afternoon during warm weather months). 

Any flight type can either be 20, 40, or 60 minutes

$100 (20 minutes), $185 (40 minutes), or $250 (60 minutes)

Location and Driving Distance
Flights take place out of the Concord New Hampshire Municipal airport, which is about 1 hour from Boston, MA, and 40 minutes from Nashua, NH

This experience is for one participant at a time, although larger groups are welcome and simply accommodated one individual per flight.

Reservation Requirements
Prior reservation is required. We maintain an email list of everyone who is interested in flying with us, and send notification out to that list (including to those who purchased Gift Certificates) as to when we have available slots to fulfill Discovery or Discovery Training flights, and that is typically 2-4 days in advance of the actual date we will be flying. This is determined by the weather and our training schedule, and we give first right of refusal to students we are training that have purchased aircraft from us, and then to those who have purchased Gift Certificates. Because of the unpredictability of the weather, as well as people's ever-changing schedules, we do not provide advanced or future reservations for specific dates, beyond what is described here. You can get on our email notification list by contacting us here. You must also complete our Waiver and Release of Liability, which you can download here, print, fill out, and bring with you when you come for your flight.

What to Bring
Comfortable clothing, sunglasses, camera. Even in the middle of the summer, flying at altitude can be considerably cooler than the ground temperature, so plan to bring a light jacket even if it is warm outside. No loose clothing or un-tethered objects are permitted -- please be sure everything you wear or bring with you cannot fall off of you or outside of the aircraft.

If your first flight hooks you into the sport, then the next step is to learn to fly a machine yourself. See information about our training and instruction programs. During or after your training you will eventually decide if you wish to purchase a new or used plane. You can read about the new Infinity Powered Parachutes we carry, or, you can also check out what pre-owned aircraft may be available. Also, be sure to read about why Infinity is the most innovative powered parachute aircraft on the market today, whether buying new or pre-owned.